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Presented on the Occasion of the

Grand Hyatt Hotel, Washington, D.C., May 22, 2003

Honorary Co-Chairman

I am honored to have the opportunity to present a Statement of recommendations on U.S. Policy to the Business Advisor Council Annual Board Meeting.

I agree with and support most of the current policies of the Bush Administration. There are, however, important issues which require our serious consideration for immediate action, concerning both international and national policies. These issues are the following:


  1. The U.S. attack on Afghanistan could not completely achieve its primary objective: elimination of the source of international terrorism.
  2. The U.S. war with Iraq did successfully eliminate the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein. But it failed to demonstrate Iraq's possible use of chemical or biological weapons of mass destruction, which was used to justify the U.S. attack on Iraq; and her direct connection to international terrorism. In these respects, the United States has lost its honor in the international community. Furthermore, the U.S. bombing and invasion has begun without the consent of the Security Council of the United Nations, while Council debates were continuing. This action has resulted in loss of friendship and trust in the international community.
  3. The world community is now becoming aware that the U.S. action has been designed and carried in accordance with the idea of Pax Americana. This awareness will further produce serious conflicts for the designing of the future world, Pax Americana or World Federation developed through the United Nations. It is anticipated that the majority of European countries and other parts of the world would tend towards a future World Federtaion, though they recognize the superior power of the U.S. in the fields of military, technology, and economy at the present time. It is questionable whether the U.S. has ideological, cultural, and philosophical authenticity, enlightening entire mankind.
  4. Currently, the U.S. is facing the reconstruction of Afghanistan and Iraq, for immediate requirements. In addition to the war expenditures of billions, the U.S. is burdened with further expenditures of possibly ten times more than war expenditures, for this reconstruction process. It is questionable whether the U.S. economy can sustain these burdens while its national economy is in recession.
  5. The conflict between Israel and Palestine is still unresolved, and this is the most critical for the peace and security of the Middle East. This conflict and the other wars also accelerated emotions of anti-Americanism, especially among Islamic peoples.
  6. In short, the United States has tactically led successful campaigns generally in the Middle East. But it is doubtful that the U.S. is victorious in its global strategy. Politics is Power; but at the same time, Emotion. Among the international community, including the Islamic countries in particular, the prevalent emotion is that American Capitalism is attempting to colonize the Middle Eastern countries, in accordance with the idea of Pax Americana, and to dominate their political and economic systems and control their national resources.
  7. Power Politics can work for a short period, but it does not work in the long run. Power Politics inevitably creates antagonism among the many countries and many people. The use of Power Politics should be avoided by any measure possible. Policy regarding North Korea, or any other unfriendly country, requires the same approach. If the U.S. demonstrates its sincere collaboration with other countries for the sake of mankind, the U.S. shall become appreciated by the people of the world as a true leader, because all know that the U.S. is holding the superior power over any other country.
  8. Without a consideration of the above problems, the future of America is in great question. Regardless of whether a new world order of peace, freedom, and prosperity is pursued by the plan of Pax Americana or World Federation developed through the United Nation, it is my sincere hope that the U.S. continue its leadership with several friendly, powerful countries, for the sake of the welfare of mankind. In order to keep such a pioneering spirit, it is recommended that the U.S. take the following measures actively:
    • Cooperation with the international community
    • Respecting and embracing different traditions, cultures, customs, beliefs, and ways of life
    • Education and promotion with the cooperation of other countries' governments and educational institutions, about planetary consciousness and democracy
    • Economic assistance to the developing countries, to encourage production, commerce, and international trade, and technological development, toward more prosperous societies
    • As a first practical plan for the world community, the universal problem that mankind is facing: the health of humanity, both physical and mental, should be restored. The U.S. is not excluded from this problem; and urgent, wholesome measures are required for the people of the U.S. and the world (as detailed in the "National" below).
  9. We have to learn from the history of Pax Romana and Pax Britannica, and we have to know that the 21st Century is greately different from their times. The U.S. should extend its hand of friendship, brotherhood and sisterhood, love, kindness, and sympathy to all mankind, regardless of whether rich or poor, educated or uneducated. This is the key for the future of U.S. global policy, regardless of whether its approach is Pax Americana or World Federation developed through the United Nations.


  1. The national economy, and the businesses supporting this national economy, are currently facing a crisis. The cause of this crisis is, in addition to the abover international atmostphere towards the United States, the Health of American Citizens and Residents. Our health is facing a critical situation, and includes leaders in every field, employers, employees, workers, and intellectuals, included even health professionals.
  2. The current ten leading causes and numbers of deaths for Americans were (year 2000):

    a. Heart Disease 710,760
    b. Cancer 553,091
    c. Iatrogenic (due to medical treatement) 250,000-280,000
    d. Stroke 167,661
    e. Chronic Respiratory Disease 112,009
    f. Accidents 97,900
    g. Diabetes 69,301
    h. Pneumonia / Influenza 65,313
    i. Alzheimer's Disease 49,558
    j. Kidney-Related Diseases 37,251

  3. In addition, we are faced with an epidemic of Overweight and Obesity; Women's disorders such as PMS and Menopause Irregularities; Hypoglycemia; Emotional & Psychological Instability; Viral Diseases, and countless others.
  4. Behavior, especially among the young generation, in school and society is becoming beyond the ability of administration to control in the family and the school.
  5. Currently, half of marriages end in divorce, and this trend is rising every year.
  6. Crime is increasing; though large-scale crime is somewhat under control, minor crimes are committed everywhere.
  7. All of these physical, psychological, and social crises are caused by Improper Nutrition, Dietary Practice and Way of Life. This trend began during the 20th Century, especially becoming more prevalent after 1950, and it has been even more accelerated since 1975. It is caused by the prevalence of chemicalized food, refined food, commercially and artificially mass-produced food, and reliance on high animal protein and fat. This is the rise of so-called "Junk Food," with a rapid decline in substantial natural quality of food.
  8. In order to alleviate this situation, we very much appreciate the U.S. Dietary Goals of 1977 by the Senate Select Committee, and other similar nutritional and dietary researches and recommendations, including the 1993 USDA/DHHS Food Pyramid; the 1994 Mediterranean Dietary Guidelines; and the 1995 Traditional Asian Dietary Guidelines.
  9. Along this line, far ahead of any of these recommendations, the natural, organic, and macrobiotic food movement, along with education of cooking, has initiated, pioneered, and developed the natural and organic food movement; and has stimulated the rise and spread of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) and healthcare.
  10. Through adoption of such dietary practice, millions of Americans as well as citizens of Europe, Japan, and other Asian countries, have gained the benefits of improvement in their health, personal behavior, and family relations.
  11. Please refer to the attached pyramid of the Standard Macrobiotic Diet. This is also a template for the tradtitional diet that has been practiced for thousands of years, with modification to suit to the current world situation.


The following suggestions are highly recommended for the health recovery of Americans:

  1. Financial aid to natural and organic food producers, including farmers, food processors, and distributors
  2. Funding and support in any way possible for research and educational programs at institutions which are dealing with the natural, macrobiotic, and healthful dietary approaches
  3. Encouragement of change to a diet based on more whole grains, vegetables, beans, sea vegetables, fruits and low-fat animal food, with the reduction of high-fat animal food and refined sugars
  4. This dietary change should be encouraged in all:

    a. Hospitals and healthcare centers
    b. Public schools and School Lunch Programs
    c. Company and Enterprise Cafeterias
    d. Public eating facilities
    e. Government cafeterias
    f. Military Facilities

  5. Encouragement of Home Economics Classes teaching proper diet and cooking, in grammer schools, high schools, colleges, and adult education.
  6. Overall dietary change in the United States will

    a. Increase the efficiency of the workplace
    b. Create peaceful, harmonious relations within the family and community
    c. Save many billions of dollars of direct and indirect medical and healthcare expenditures

  7. Viral Diseases are now pervasive, symbolized by AIDS, and, more recently, by SARS, along with many other so-called "viral diseases." These viral diseases are due to a loss of efficiency of natural, biological immunity; which, in turn, is caused by improper dietary habits. Medical treatment, without a correction of dietary practice, is only a symptomatic approach—and not the elimination of the underlying cause of these viral diseases.
  8. The United States should initiate drafting of dietary guidelines based upon whole grains and vegetables, reducing the large consumption of animal protein and fat, and adapt the guidelines to each regional tradition and custom, in the following world regions:

    a. North America
    b. Central America
    c. South America
    d. Europe
    e. Africa
    f. Middle East
    g. Southeast Asia
    h. Eastern Asia
    i. Oceania

  9. The United States should also initiate aid for agriculture and farmers and food processing enterprises, which are the foundation of all human activities, including all U.S. businesses. Low interest loans should be considered to small businesses, especially for the natural and organic food production industry, for the purpose of rebuilding the health of Americans. If this initiative is extended internationally, it will help to develop economic prosperity and social welfare in any country and any area in the world, promoting peace and security.
  10. Over-consumption of animal protein and fat, stimulants, simply carbohydrates, alcohol, and drugs creates mental and emotional instability, such as shortness of temper, irritability, rigidity, hunger for power, fear, and suspicion. On the other hand, a whole grain- and vegetable-based diet can secure peaceful human relations. War and violence are naturally decreased dramatically. This is the biological-biochemical-psychological-spiritual foundation of One Peaceful World.


The United States is a multi-racial and multi-cultural society. Its founding spirit, democracy, is historically and universally valuable for human society. Because the United States is now holding a leadership role for the entire world in many domains, this nation should be concerned with the health and wellbeing of humanity on this planet.

Together with international cooperation, the United States should become a pioneer to correct the current human eating habits, and clean up the environment in all areas of the world. These actions are far more important and beneficial for entire mankind, including our own America, beyond any other national or international policy.

If the United States takes the initiative in this direction, we shall be a Shining Light for the future of mankind. We shall secure the continuous evolution of human beings towards becoming a more peaceful, inventive, creative, and spiritual species. This will naturally secure more economic prosperity, not only for America, but for the entire world.

The above statement naturally suggests the wholehearted efforts of the United States and its citizens and residents, working in collaboration. Regardless of differences in political views, whether Republican or Democrat or others, all should be allied to work cooperatively. Natural health policies for Americans and all mankind for the coming decades should be drafted for the destiny of the human species on this planet.

Together with my Associates, I humbly but wholeheartedly recommend to you to to consider the above proposal. We would be very please to be asked by the Business Advisory Council and tha National Republican Congressional Committee to present more practical and detailed plans. And we shall not hesitate to cooperate in any way possible to pursue the realization of this goal.


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